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Mark Moss

Mark unexpectedly took on the role of carer at the age of 44 to his wife, Barbara. He was a valued precision engineer and working largely as toolmaker in the aerospace jet engine division. He has two sons who were teenagers at the time when his wife was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer and was placed in palliative care.

As carer, Mark’s life completely changed overnight. Suddenly there was a need to balance a working life with full time caregiver and father. How does it feel to tell your sons that their mother has three months to live? His wife’s treatment and eventual recovery were largely due to Mark and Barbara researching available treatments in Europe and gaining access to them. This became the start of his advocacy as carer.

Building on his knowledge as husband and caregiver over the years has made Mark aware of the difficulties other people face from day to day. He has continually cared for and supported his wife; cancer does not end when one is discharged! He is now actively involved in advocacy, helping others by highlighting the important support the carer gives. It is of significance to understand the psychological pressures.

Mark is actively involved in attending, participating and sharing his experience at European level. His aim is to highlight the importance the role of carer plays to the recovery of the patient.

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