Chemoprevention of Colorectal Cancer: the Role of Non-digestible Carbohydrates




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Colorectal cancer is a common disease worldwide. It is now thought that colorectal cancer cells arise from stem cells where the genetic material regulating growth and division of the stem cell has become defective. This leads to unregulated production of cells which in turn have defective genetic information and cancer formation. Research into colorectal cancer is hampered by the fact that studies must take a very long time to produce results and be very large if the development of a cancer is the endpoint. Therefore alternative methods of quantifying the risk of developing a cancer are required so trials can be a realistic size and be completed in a realistic time frame. The investigators have previously identified several candidates for these 'biomarkers'. The next stage in proving or disproving these as useful biomarkers is to test their response to a dietary agent that the investigators know reduces the risk of colon cancer.
May 31,2010
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