PillCam Colon Capsule 2® (PCC2) in the Setting of Colorectal Cancer Screening Program




Unknown status
In this study the investigators evaluate the sensitivity of PCC2 (PillCam Colon Capsule 2 (R)) in identifying significant polyps in a CRC (Colo Recatal Cancer) screening program (primary outcome measure). Each enrolled patient underwent three procedures: colon capsule endoscopy, CT-colonography and optical colonoscopy. In this study the reference standard is represented by the segmental unblinded colonoscopy (the unblinding is based on results of both capsule endoscopy and Ct colonography) The investigators also evaluated the tolerability of PCC2 as compared to optical colonoscopy (OC) and CT-colonography (CTC).
Mar 31,2011
50 Years
85 Years

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