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Colorectal Cancer Screening

In 2003 the EU Commission recommended that all citizens between 50 and 74 be screened for colorectal cancer!

  • Only 4 EU Member States have screening programmes reaching all citizens between 50-74 years old
  • 10 Member States have partial screening coverage (either regionally or older age groups)
  • 6 Member States have just started screening programmes
  • 5 Member States have no screening programmes
  • 3 with no information


What is screening and why is it important?

Screening is checking for health problems before they cause symptoms. The colorectal cancer (CRC) screening tests help to find polyps or cancer. Finding and removing polyps may prevent colorectal cancer and colorectal cancer is generally more treatable and curable when it is found early before it has had a chance to spread. This makes screening for colorectal cancer so powerful.

There are different screening options available including optical inspection of the colon and rectum and specimen testing. The main screening methods are described below. To decide what screening option is right for you, please talk to your doctor.

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