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Fostering Biosimilars Medicines

DiCE Colorectal Cancer Screening Roadmap 2019

DiCE ECCAM Press Release 2019

ECCAM 2019 Campaign Toolkit

DiCE Principles of Membership Engagement

DiCE Membership Application Form 2019

Digestive Cancers Europe CRC White Paper

Digestive Cancers Europe Colorectal Cancer Risk Questionnaire

DiCE Constitution 2019

Membership Value Statement

Gastric Survey Greek

Gastric Survey Russian Latvian

Interim Results from a Real-world European Survey on the Unmet Needs of Patients Living with mCRC

Interim Quality of Life Results from a Real-world European Survey on the Unmet Needs of Patients Living with mCRC

Recruitment for the Survey on the Unmet Needs of Patients Living with mCRC

Understanding of mCRC in the Real World: Initial Results from a European Survey

Press Release Launch of DiCE ESMO 2018

Prevention & Screening Booklet Hebrew

Prevention & Screening Dutch

Prevention & Screening Icelandic

Prevention & Screening Croatian

Belgium Gastric Survey

Prevention & Screening Swedish

Prevention & Screening Turkish

Prevention & Screening French

Prevention & Screening Greek

Prevention & Screening Norwegian

Prevention and Screening Czech

Prevention and Screening Portugese

3rd Advocacy Masterclass 2018 Full Agenda

Gastric survey English

Gastric survey German

Gastric survey Flemish

Gastric survey Polish

Gastric survey French

Gastric survey Cypriot

Gastric survey Italian

Gastric survey Latvian

Gastric survey Dutch

Gastric survey Portuguese

Gastric survey Russian

Gastric survey Spanish

Full report on EuropaColons ECCAM activities

Survey IE

2017 Annual Review

PRESS RELEASE - Launch of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 2018

Launch of ECCAM at EU Parliament

I am Supporting ECCAM18 Because...

What is ECCAM?

ECCAM18 Poster

Survey TR

Survey SR

Survey PT

Survey PL

Survey NL

Survey IT

Survey HU

Survey GR

Survey ES

Survey EN

Survey DE

Survey AT

Patient Survey Belgium

Patient Survey Russia

Masterclass Flyer 2017

Patient Survey Press Release

Patient Survey English

Patient Survey Austrian

Patient Survey Greek

Patient survey Spanish

Patient survey German

Patient survey Hungarian

Patient survey Italian

Patient survey Dutch

Patient survey Polish

Patient survey Portugese

Patient survey Serbian

Patient survey Turkish

Prevention & Screening German

Prevention & Screening Finnish

Prevention & Screening Hungarian

Prevention & Screening Italian

Prevention & Screening Polish

Prevention & Screening Russian

Prevention & Screening Serbian

Prevention & Screening Slovenian

Prevention & Screening Spanish

Annual Review 2016

An Interview with Jola Gore-Booth

Patient associations should help governments improve treatment and care - Carlo's story

The primary concern after cancer - SURVIVAL

"I had to fight for my treatment" - Barbara's story

Screening helped me detect cancer at an early stage - Anthony Rossi's story

Petra Thomas - It is free and saves lives...

Press Release - Awareness Saves Lives!

CanCon guide 2017

Barometer 2017

I'm supporting ECCAM because...

Supporting ECCAM17

What is ECCAM?

EuropaColon Policy Information

EuropaColon Annual Review 2015

Barometer 2015

ECCAM 2016 - Screening

Go Blue ECCAM Press Release

EuropaColon Prevention and Screening Booklet

Parliamentary Meeting 2016

RAS Leaflet - Slovenia

ECCAM 2016 Press Release

Ambassadors Programme Form

EuropaColon Annual Review 2014

Stomach Cancer Leaflet by EuropaColon

Pancreatic Cancer Booklet

#ECCAM15 (5) - Neils Experience

#ECCAM15 (3) - Barbaras Experience

#ECCAM15 (4) - Survivorship

#ECCAM15 (2) Colorectal Cancer (CRC) – Screening and Care

#ECCAM15 (1)- Colorectal Cancer (CRC) – Prevention

(Policy) Improving Outcomes in Cancer REPORT final

RAS Leaflet Spanish

RAS leaflet Italian


SIRTEX Patient leaflet Polish

SIRTEX Patient Leaflet Finnish

RAS Biomarkers 2014

SIRTEX Patient leaflet Hebrew


SIRTEX patient Leaflet Arabic

SIRTEX patient leaflet Russia

EuropaColon Manifesto for Life

SIRTEX Patient Leaflet English

SIRTEX Patient leaflet Dutch

SIRTEX Patient leaflet German

SIRTEX Patient Leaflet ITALY

OLD Sirtex_Leaflet_German


OLD Sirtex_leaflet_Italy




OLD Sirtex_Leaflet_Dutch

OLD Sirtex_Leaflet_English

ESO Postcard

ESO Observatory Slide show

Barometer Event 2013

What is Colorectal Cancer

EuropaColon Prevention & Screening

EuropaColon - What is Colorectal Cancer Leaflet

EC-summary, Improving outcomes for colorectal cancer patients in Europe

EC Whitepaper, Improving outcomes for colorectal cancer patients in Europe

EC Factsheet English

EC Factsheet French

EC Factsheet Italian

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