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ECCAM 2019

European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (ECCAM)

March 2019

In 2008 EuropaColon established the month of March as European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month as an annual awareness raising initiative. Together with our Associate and Affiliate network comprising of over 40 groups across more than 30 European countries, for the past 10 years we have looked at creating exciting and innovative ways of raising awareness on the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

‚ÄčThis year, as EuropaColon has expanded into Digestive Cancers Europe, we launch the #MyBest10Seconds campaign on the 1st March 2019 for European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month! This campaign focuses on the importance of screening and how a simple 10 second test could save your life.

"370,000 EU citizens are diagnosed annually with colorectal cancer and 170,000 sadly die. Patients with early stage disease have a 90% chance of survival as compared to only 10% when detected at a late stage."

The campaign aims to educate and inspire members of the public online aged between 50 – 74 years old through direct publicising as well as indirectly through the younger generation, to prompt family members and future generations to be screened.‚Äč

Click here to read and download the Campaign Toolkit with helpful advice on how best to promote the tools on your social media platforms.

Join us and activate your social media page with the key messages and official video. Don't forget to hashtag

#MyBest10Seconds and #ECCAM2019

to get the campaign trending across Europe and encourage the population of your country to take the screening test!

Visit the ECCAM2019 Campaign Official Microsite in 7 Languages. The microsite has access to interactive tools for you to share across your websites and social media platforms:
- A colorectal cancer symptom checker
- A healthy lifestyle questionnaire
- Official Campaign 'My Best 10 Seconds' in 7 Languages
- Video: What is Colonoscopy?
- Animation and information about the FIT Screening Test
- DiCE Colorectal Cancer DataMap

ECCAM 2019

Click below to find and save the ECCAM 2019 social media memes - share these in March on your Facebook and Twitter!

ECCAM 2019

Have you read the Colorectal Cancer White Paper which was launched for ECCAM 2019?
Click on the image to read and download.


Have you read the Roadmap for Colorectal Cancer Screening which was launched for ECCAM 2019?
Click on the image to read and download.




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