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Colores - The Finnish Colorectal Cancer Association

Colores is the only national colorectal cancer (CRC) association in Finland. There are nearly 20,000 colorectal cancer patients in the country and over 2,700 new cases are diagnosed every year. Sadly, the number of patients is expected to increase in the years to come. As a result of new progressive treatment methods, a large proportion of colorectal cancer patients recover. Survival rate after 5 years is over 60%. 

Colores’ target is to support patients and their relatives as well as offering information about the disease. The Association also offers face to face support in the form of monthly meetings in Helsinki and Turku. 
When the disorder turns chronic, patients and their relatives experience an increased need for support. Colores trains its own support workers and they are ready to help CRC patients.

In order to fulfill its targets, The Association provides information, offers training, arranges various events and further follows up and promotes CRC related preventive work, research and topical updates. 

Colores is also taking initiatives to improve the situation of colorectal cancer patients, to increase the amount of information available and delivers statements. In addition to patient members, the Board of Directors of Colores comprises the leading cancer care specialists in our country. The Chairman is Associate Professor Helena Isoniemi (HUCH).
Colores is organising yearly Colorectal Summit for medical and healthcare companies. Top professionals lectured and participated in “Meet the professors” panel and discussions

Colores have their own website found at 
Summary of National Cancer Plan

  • Roadshow in Helsinki and Tampere with evening programme including lectures and information about colorectal cancer and Colores open to all citizens
  • Participating in ESV Seminars (Parliament Cancer Network)
  • Participating in Finnish Cancer organisations Network meetings
  • The group is co-operating with 12 local cancer organisations in Finland
  • Colores is a member of the Finnish Cancer Association

  • Colores receives funding from RAY (Finland’s Slot Machine Association) 
  • Colores also receives funding from the Finnish Cancer Association
  • The Association has sponsor agreements with medical, healthcare and other companies

ECCAM 2018

In Kuopio, Finland Colores and Pohjois-Savon Syöpäyhdistys ry organized an open lecture about colon cancer. Local professor Tuomo Rantanen gave the speech. We had very good attendance and great atmosphere. 

We’re supporting ECCAM2018!
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