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Created in 2012, France Côlon is dedicated to supporting all those affected by colorectal cancer (CRC), be they patients or caretakers. We concentrate on partnering experienced patients with recently-diagnosed ones, as well as offering these new patients opportunities to learn about disease, treatment and available support resources.

In 2014, France Côlon will run the first national patient survey exploring their diagnosis, medical care, treatment side-effects, as well as the consequences of CRC on every domains of their everyday life. In addition, because a majority of French CRC patients are still reluctant to openly talk about their disease, France Côlon is leveraging all the opportunities offered by internet and social media to promote patients expression and dialogue in a safe, anonymous environment.

France Côlon is also currently building a network of places where patients will be able to practice adapted physical activities, to help them with treatment tolerance and to prevent recurrences.

Regarding screening, we are strongly advocating for faster access to iFOB tests in France and we organise various informations forums promoting screening, in collaboration with other CRC actors. In March 2014, we will run a pilot study program to explore the efficacy of local press in promoting CRC screening.

France Côlon is also promoting CRC research and, particularly, patient access to CRC clinical trials. To achieve that goal, we contribute to the national patient review program aimed at improving clinical studies relevance, as well as the readability of their patient information documents.

Finally, in collaboration with other cancer patient organisations, we advocate for extended access to innovative cancer therapies, regardless of patient insurance status and geographical situation, despite the Europeanwide current trend in reducing healthcare costs.

3rd French Cancer Plan

Following the launch of the 3rd French Cancer Plan on the 4th February in Paris, French President - Francoise Hollande vowed that this 3rd Cancer Plan plan will bring equity of access to best treatment and care for all French citizens.

Below are documents for the French Cancer Plan

French Cancer Plan 2009-2013 (English Language)

French Cancer Plan 2014-2019
  (French Language)

French Cancer Plan Summary (French Language)

More information regarding the 3rd French Cancer Plan can be found at the Institut National du Cancer website

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