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EuropaColon Latvia was founded in 2012 with the aim to diminish the dramatic growth of the number of colorectal cancer cases in Latvia. 

EuropaColon Latvia held a press conference on the 14th of March 2012 addressing the alarming situation for colorectal cancer patients in Latvia and the restricted access to standard chemotherapy drug treatments.

Awareness activities 

  • 2016 was very intensive for EuropaColon Latvia with a lot of lobbying activities with the aim improve the situation for Colorectal Cancer patients as well as other cancer patients in general. We have managed to gather 10 000 signatures to ask for additional 10 million EUR for oncology. The “green corridor” was established for first-time diagnosed patients - now all patients suspected on having cancer can schedule an appointment with a doctor or specialist within 10 days. Finally, we have entered into a dialog with Health Ministry and our Parliament and have participated in all discussions about oncology issues in Latvia.

  • First Pan-Baltic CRC Patients Conference organised in May 2013. Patient representatives as well as the medical professionals and politicians from Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia gathered in Riga for a day to discuss high colorectal cancer incidence, low screening up-take in some countries as well as disparities in treatment options across the region. The outcome of the conference was a memorandum asking for the improvement of the situation for colorectal cancer patients in the region as well as more action toward the prevention of the disease. Paralel to the conference EuropaColon Latvia is working on the advocacy issues, standing for the CRC treatment availability, sufficient health care availability and equal human rights implementation in Latvia - there are ongoing discussions with the Ministry of Health, the National Health Service and the Ombudsman office.
  • Development of cooperation with the private sector to implement awareness raising campaign on colorectal cancer issues nationwide 
  • Work on educational and informative materials for the family doctors, patients and risk groups for colorectal cancer
  • Advocacy for the patients and their rights to have medical access and appropriate care. For 2013-2014 the target was to have the biological medicals available throught the compensatory medicals list as Latvia currently does not compensate them
  • To increase awareness of colorectal cancer screening necessity via local activities, projects and media relations
  • To represent the Latvia’s patients and risk group interest in the international networks, institutions and organisations 

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Oncological Diseases Control Programme (Latvian)

Oncological Diseases Control Programme (English)

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