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EuropaColon- España (Spain) was founded in September 2006 following the overall objectives of EuropaColon. The association is open to all people wanting to get involved in promoting the objectives of the association and all the patients and families of people with colorectal cancer.

In 2016, EuropaColon Spain has initiated a program for providing information on CRC in the senior centers. The aim of this new project was to involve the population at risk (the over 60 years olds) in the screening programs. There have been six events with about 300 participants.

The organization has participated in a national cancer patients Congress with two lectures – one given by a doctor and the other by a psychologist. The aim was to disseminate the information about our work and activities with patients in order to increase membership. 

We have started our first regional delegation of EuropaColon Spain with three lectures on psychology and a round table with four oncologists. There have been over 250 participants.

ECCAM 2018

  •  March 16th  A General Discussion Session was held in CaixaForum Madrid under the title: Inequity in providing patients innovative cancer treatment.

The Conference was organized by EuropaColon España and count on the participation of the main political parties´ health affairs spokespeople in the Spanish Parliament as well as the Heads of some Scientific Spanish Societies, SEOM, SEOR, SEFH… The aim of this debate among others, was to single out the exclusive economic criteria that lead the Regional Health Departments in providing breakthrough drugs to cancer patients. Carlos Hue, vice president opened the act and José Manuel Echevarría, secretary, gave the conclusions.

  • March 18th . Bufandada. Pza del Pilar. Zaragoza. The EuropaColon España Delegation in Aragón leading by Carlos Hué carried out a fun performance. The aim of this original act  was to raise awareness against the CCR disease. Everyone gathered in Pza del Pilar for the occasion must have worn a scarf that symbolized, sympathy, warmth and comfort. With people waving about their scarves, Carlos lead different kind of visual games. The gathering got an outstanding impact on the local media which widely reported the colorectal cancer patients performance.
  • March 20th . EuropaColon España in collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid organized a meeting with colorectal patients. Under the title “Colorectal Cancer: Everything you have to know” and split in five different  roundtables, the MDAnderson Oncologic Medical Service made a serious point in the importance of Prevention to reduce the risk of developing CCR. Other issues to highlight were the care of stoma. Emilio Iglesia Castro introduced the opening act.
  • March 23th . The Spanish Colorectal Cancer Prevention Alliance to which EuropaColon España belongs, arranged its annual meeting on the occasion of the International Colorectal Cancer Day. Under the title of “Colonoscopy. The Colorectal Cancer screening core”, physicists and healthcare providers stated how the screening programs are developing and the screening global situation in our country up to now. Emilio Iglesia Castro president of EuropaColon España took part in one of the discussion roundtables.
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