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Fundacja EuropaColon Polska / EuropaColon Poland

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EuropaColon Poland is part of the Pan European organisation EuropaColon.  The organisation has operated in Europe since 2016.

The mission of EuropaColon Poland is to 

• Reduce mortality amongst patients
• Improve their quality of life
• Support in the fight against colorectal cancer 
• Prevention of spread and promote prevention

ECCAM 2018

March was very busy for EuropaColon Poland. It started on the 28th February in Brussels while together with EuropaColon we launched at an event at the European Parliament with presentations from senior clinicians and MEPs including Polish ones, European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. And as the main message of #ECCAM19 was #Time4Change we started our March activities with this objective as a main target to gain. We definitely have to change the situation in Poland. 

So here is what we have been busy with as EuropaColon Poland. We were the Partner of the awareness campaign “Switch Off the CRC” run by Servier Poland for the second year. Its aim is to promote cancer prevention and to raise awareness about the risk factors of colorectal cancer and strong need of screening and doing the colonoscopy. The campaign was present in 6 Polish cities where mobile clinic was driving from town to town to give a chance to see a doctor, an educator and a dietician and discuss the risk factors or best possible individual diet. We also took part in cooking workshops for the media and the patients as a proper diet is one of the main issues helping to prevent CRC.

On 9th march EuropaColon Poland was invited to take part in the discussion about organizational and medical standards in palliative care in Poland in 2018. The problem we face is that the oncologists are still reluctant to seek the advice of specialists in palliative medicine. These doctors are not included and not even planned to be the part of colon cancer or prostate cancer units. Se it is absolutely #Time4Change and we will cooperate with The Polish Association of Palliative Medicine in order to address this issue.

We attended the 3rd International Conference on Personalized Medicine in Warsaw and we discussed about the situation in Poland regarding Personalized Medicine in 2018 - where are we now and where are we heading? We had a chance to have a chat with Denis Horgan, Executive Director of European Alliance for Personalized Medicine on what should be done in Poland, so you may expect more news in the upcoming months.

On March 21st we also participated at 7th Oncology Patients' Forum that was organized by The Polish Coalition of Oncological Patients, which of EuropaColon Poland is a member since last year. The main topic was the need for comprehensive oncological care. It was a public debate among the patients, experts and decision-makers. regarding the situation of cancer patients in the health care system during which we searched for the most urgent problems of cancer patients in Poland.

We also received the invitation and we took active part during the conference of the Parliamentary Team of the Organization of the Healthcare System on March 19th in the Polish Seym which was focus on optimization the model of care of colorectal cancer patient in Poland where many issues were discussed and we do hope that there will be a follow up as there is a high #Time4Change in Poland in CRC field as everyday 33 people die because of colorectal cancer.

We are convinced that lots of good things happened in Poland in #colorectalcancer #rakjelitagrubego but still there are many things to be done to stop #ColorectalCancer and we need to do it now. We can do it together with @MinZdrowia and @SzumowskiLukasz @EuColonPolska it's high #Time4Change #ECCAM18 

And we also supported and promoted #ECCAM and #Time4Change at EuropaColon Poland Facebook and Twitter.

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