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Recovering Together Association

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Recovering Together Association is devoted to raising the awareness of the whole society on cancer diseases of the digestive system and to help patients suffering from these diseases in all possible ways. The association was established in April 2012.

Every year there are about 19,000 new patients diagnosed with different types of cancer of the digestive system. This diagnosis put enormous burden not only on the patients and their families but on the whole nation of Hungary. However, today's treatment options offer more hope and effective curing methods giving the opportunity for recovery and improvement of the quality of life of patients in almost every phase of their lives.

Tools of our Association

The Association organises several events where members can help each other and get information regarding any aspects of challanges arising while fighting against cancer. Our association also provides a forum where the voices of patinets can be heard.

Patients suffering from these diseases are grateful for any help. The proficient and advanced medical care is essential for recovery. Besides the help of family and friends, the community of The Association can also support the healing process.

Anyone wishing to provide active help is welcome as well as others that are willing to express their support in any form.

Short history

The Association started to recruit members on a big event where the importance of active patient participation was discussed. Since then, they have been organising regular events on different topics (e.g. psychooncology, dietetics, meeting with physicians and nurses, etc.) helping patients and their relatives. Because of these events and increased media presence, only a year after the establishement of The Association, we had 263 members and this number continues to grow.

In November 2012, The Association participated on the Conference of the Hungarian Society of Medical Oncology’s patients day. There was also a press conference together with the presidents of the Society and a member of the Hungarian Parliament. After this event there were several media appearances and in December The Association expressed its unambiguous opinion concerning some plans that were supposed to cut the availability of different treatment options for colorectal cancer patients. Fortunately, these plans have been reinvestigated, which brought huge relief for the patients affected by colorectal cancer. Although The Association is devoted to the cancer patients of all the digestive system, the  most of our members are colorectal cancer patients. 

Recent Activities 2016 - 2017

Click here for all the latest activities and news from Recovering Together from the past year.

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