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Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition (POLA)

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Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition - POLA (Pagalbos onkologiniams ligoniams asociacija in Lithuanian) is an umbrella non-governmental organisation, representing other non-governmental organisations, working within the cancer field in the Republic of Lithuania.  It was established in 2012.

POLA is dedicated to representing the interests of cancer patients / carer’s in the decision-making process, aiming to improve cancer patients’ quality of life via promoting their interests in front of competent authorities, raising awareness about cancer issues among general public via educational and informational tools. 

Currently POLA has 15 members, majority of which are cancer patient organisations and the remaining members are the foundations / trusts / social organisations working in the cancer field.  

POLA Board consists of 7 individuals:
-    3 cancer patients,
-    2 cancer patient caregivers,
-    1 oncopsychologist,
-    1 palliative care professor.

The Board members are performing all activities on pro bono basis.
POLA is a full member of European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC).

Key values of POLA:

-    Democracy. POLA is governed by the board, elected by the member organisations, consisting of 7 members, who contribute on a pro bono basis (majority of board members are cancer patients’ or relatives of cancer patients). The board is elected for 3 years period and the same member of the board can be re-elected only once.

-    Transparency. POLA statutes, activity reports and financial statements are publicly available and could be accessed via the following link: 

-    Voluntarism. Board members, President, Director, Project managers and volunteers are dedicating their time and competences on a pro bono basis, without expecting a financial remuneration. All the finances that are fundraised are used to generate maximum impact for cancer patients and are limited to covering hard costs and not the costs of human resources.
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