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"BORKA" was established due to a result of the current situation in the health sector in the Republic of Macedonia.
 It was concluded that in Macedonia there was a need for an association that will generally treat all types of cancer and which will fight against cancer in general, but also individually against various types of cancer. "BORKA" was formed to help fill this gap in the civic health sector and to cooperate with all involved stakeholders. 
 Association in its work focuses on supporting cancer patients, the general public, public health institutions, NGOs, in their efforts to implement activities that will oppose all kinds of cancer. The helpline service in Macedonia is + 389 (0) 800 55 777.

Borka focuses on all types of cancer and aim to fight against cancer in general, but individually against various types of cancer. Borka provides psychosocial support groups for patients of any type of cancer.
The organisation facilitated a screening steering committee made up of clinical doctors from the clinic for gastroenterohepatogy, clinic for oncology and the clinic for abdomen surgery, medical professors and most importantly patients.

Every day useful information relative to the presention of colorectal cancer is posted on the website and Facebook page. BORKA have big support from media who add the campaign teasers, banners and leaflets to their web pages. Because of this contact, BORKA have made several interviews and TV guests for the local and national TV stations.

Twice a week, throughout the whole year BORKA visit the colorectal cancer patients at the PHI University of Radiotherapy and Oncology. The purpose of the visit is psychosocial support and to give educational brochures with useful information about the advanced treatment of the colorectal cancer.

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