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DarmKanker Nederland is an associate of EuropaColon, the European patient organisation. Mid November we will present the European Parliament a 'white paper' concerning the treatment and screening of colorectal cancer at a European level. More about this can be read in our monthly ‘Darmkanker e-nieuws’.

To provide patients with correct information, giving care and support. Jolien Pon explains what SPKS Darmkanker Nederland stands for.

Darmkanker Nederland is one of five cancer patient groups under the umbrella of SPKS (Foundation for patients with cancer in the Alimentary Canal).

The diagnosis of colorectal cancer is overwhelming. You're numb and you do not know where to begin. Darmkanker Nederland tries to give first of all, practical and useful information to patients and their families, both orally and in writing.

Originally the organistion was involved in advocacy and mutual support of fellow sufferers, now they are also committed in the provision of care and its quality transparent for the CRC-patient. By offering choice-information from the patients' perspective we put the CRC-patient really central. On the website you can find the Patient guide, where people can see which hospital provides good basic care to CRC-patients. In this way patients can, possibly together with their GP, make conscious choices and prepare for their visit to the hospital.

In their quarterly magazine ‘Doorgang’ we published articles with information about the newest treatment options. additionally there is a monthly E-news newsletter with short messages, calls and other news.

Darmkanker Nederland regularly organise special events in hospitals: ‘Darmkanker, hoe verder’ to a particular theme in depth. For this we invite one or two oncology specialists from the hospital. After the presentations questions can be asked and interested parties can get acquainted with Darmkanker Nederland.

Every year in Spring and Autumn we organise a national contact day on which several medical professionals give a presentation of a specific topic. The participants can also participate in various workshops.

In short, we want to give CRC-patients accurate information, care and support. We like to do this in collaboration with medical professionals.
We will continue working on further professionalisation – both preserving and further develop our expertise and knowledge– in relation with providing insight into the medical needs and care needs of CRC-patients

All this is only possible with more (active) members to increase the lobby and input from the perspective of the patient towards healthcare provider, health insurer and politics.
They help us to highlight our organisation, Darmkanker Nederland, among Dutch CRC-patients.

Jolien Pon SPKS

Voorzitter Darmkanker Nederland

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