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Dance with Cancer

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Kanserle Dans Foundation was established in 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey by two high school friends whose paths crossed during their father’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

Our main objectives are:
  1. Educate people of all ages and create awareness through our nationwide efforts in Turkey and encourage cancer prevention and early detection for all types of cancers.
  2. Work with local government health officials and organisations hand in hand to increase screenings for breast, colon, prostate, testicular and cervical cancer to prevent unnecessary deaths from cancer.
  3. Provide a source of support to those facing cancer, their families and friends via free of charge activities, events and classes.
To promote public cancer  awareness  about cancer screening and early detection within community.
To create a patient-cantered cancer treatment planning process.
To provide social and psychological support for the families of patients.
To raise awareness of cancer and early detection at a national level.
To provide cancer patients and their carers with a wide spectrum of information during the treatment and aftercare.
To offer medical and psychological support during the treatment and post-treatment period.
To build bridges between physicians and patients.
To make a contribution to formulate  the national cancer control programme policy.
To make joint efforts with other cancer organisations and other nonprofits.
Research-based information
Constructive and community-powered approach
Positive energy
Individual attention
Every battle creates its own enemies. Cancer treatment is a long process, as  a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, highs and lows. Nobody gets up and dances willingly, but once you start to dance  with cancer (your long-term partner) you begin to know him and follow the dance steps to be in a  harmony with your partner.
Esra Ürkmez and Ebru Tontas are two friends whose fathers were diagnosed with cancer. In search of finding reliable information about nutrition, drugs, side-effects and treatment modalities, they created “Kanserle Dans/Dance with Cancer” blog and Facebook page on April 2012. In a short period  of time, due to increasing demand and the rapid growth of the community, they decided to launch an association. “Kanserle Dans Dernegi” was officially launched on January 2013 in USA, and on May  2013 in Turkey. The association is growing day by day by adding new dimensions to its services and  welcoming new members.
We aim to inform the public about cancer, and in order to do so, we make agreements with prestigious cancer centres for the copyright of sources.
We pay greater attention to the needs of patients and their carers/relatives. The active  participation of the members contribute to the association. The founders, volunteers, patients and their relatives always stay in touch.
We answer all questions one by one, in cases of necessity, we ask the experts to make sure you stay well-informed.
We provide a continuous flow of information to our members, keeping them up to date with new research and developments.
We provide a warm, family-friendly environment for our community and free counselling to our members at any time during the day.
Psychological and Social Support Provided To Our Members
We organise meetings and activities in various cities.
We distribute free concert tickets to our members/to patients and their relatives.
We conduct group therapy sessions which are accompanied by the experts.
We provide free meditation, yoga, dance, breath classes and workshops to our members.
The driving force of  “Dance with the Cancer” Society is the volunteers who work passionately. The success of “Dance with Cancer” is directly related to the wonderful volunteers who help make “this dance” a great experience. The number of volunteers within our community is increasing day by day. Everyone can produce and implement a project in accordance with the values of “Dance with Cancer”. We are in contact not only with patients but also with physicians/medical doctors and health care providers. The association grew out of a blog, and now, with patients, their relatives and volunteers we became a big family.
In order to inform the public and to raise awareness; publishing and distribution of free booklets short videos cooperation with other institutions and organisations.
As the incidence of cancer in our society increases, it is obvious that we need to create awareness about early detection and cancer screening as soon as possible. If  you want to play your part in spreading  the  word about cancer, we invite you to join our valuable and talented team of  volunteers. We welcome volunteers with a wide range of skills, talents, abilities and interests. We cooperate with families, local authorities, related ministries, primary schools, high schools and universities and we develop projects with them.
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