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PRESS RELEASE: Different types of cancer patient groups can hold very different views of pharma

Published on 24 May 2018  | Download | back to previous

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The big theme of this report is how cancer patient groups vary in their perspectives on pharma (and its activities).

We are pleased to publish the results of the 2017 (6th) edition of ‘The Corporate Reputation of Pharma—from the Perspective of Cancer Patient Groups’. The report highlights the differing perspectives of the various types of cancer patient groups, including:

  • The entire respondent body of 262 cancer patient groups. This category represents the average view of cancer patient groups.

  • Umbrella cancer patient groups, and cancer patient groups that concentrate on all types of cancer.

  • Patient groups that specialise in blood cancers.

  • Patient groups that specialise in breast cancer. And ...
  • Patient groups that specialise in prostate cancer.
Release date 24th May 2018

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