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How I defeated colon cancer: The real story of a survivor

Published on 12 June 2018  | Download | back to previous

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"Nothing out of the ordinary was happening in my life at that time. I wasn’t feeling ill, I kept bombarding my own body with sleepless nights, I would go out a lot, I would inhale smoke from cigarettes, I was happy and joyful and undertook blood tests every 6 months, because I felt it was a good thing to do, and in November 2015 the blood test results were absolutely perfect, there was no reason to worry..."
How I defeated colon cancer: The real story of a survivor is a book written by Buluș Andrei Tudor.
"Everything described in the book (treatments, medication, diets, etc) has been tested on myself, I do not pretend to give out any other information than exactly what has helped me, boosted my immune system and showed me the way to victory, as well as descriptions of my mental state through the entire process.
I will show you what you can do and how to keep your spirits up once you hear such dreadful news. The pages contained give a hands on approach on how to tackle and win against the enemy within.
All of the events described in the book are real and I consider that without a full picture of the situation at hand I would be unable to truly express my story."
It is available to buy on Amazon here.

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