Drug Database for Digestive Cancers

The following database allows you to easily find any digestive cancer drug that has been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and has gained marketing authorisation in the European Economic Area (EAA) by the European Commission (EC). The EAA includes all EU countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

A marketing authorisation in the EAA does not necessarily mean that this treatment is already available in your country.

If you search a drug by Type of Cancer, you will find all drugs currently approved for a specific digestive cancer. We have not included in the database some ‘older’ chemotherapy drugs.

Please note the following:

  • It is possible that one molecule is already approved for one indication (for instance colorectal cancer) but not yet approved for another type of digestive cancer (for instance gastric cancer).
  • In the list you can also see which companies are the ‘marketing authorisation holder’ for the treatment or the developer of the drug.
  • More than one provider can produce off-patent drugs.
  • The list is only indicative. Several of the drugs mentioned are indicated for small subpopulations of the cancer mentioned or for a specific line of treatment. If you want more information on whether a specific drug is suitable for you or available in your country, please discuss these options with your treating medical team.
  • We aim to update the database as soon as a new market authorisation takes place.
Active SubstanceBrand NameCompanyDrug TypeCancer TypeMore info
gemcitabine(Gemcitabine)Sandozchemotherapy pancreas cancer
irinotecan(Irinotecan)Sandoz & otherschemotherapy colorectal cancer
Oxaliplatin(Oxaliplatin)Sandozchemotherapy colorectal cancerMore info
oxaliplatin(Oxaliplatin)Several providerschemotherapy colorectal cancerMore info
paclitaxelAbraxane®Celgenechemotherapy pancreas cancerMore info
everolimusAfinitor®Novartisprotein kinase inhibitor pancreas cancerMore info
bevacizumabAlymsys™mAbxience Researchanti-angiogenic treatment colorectal cancerMore info
bevacizumabAvastin®Rocheanti-angiogenic treatment colorectal cancer, rare cancer (primary peritoneal)More info
bevacizumabAybintio™Samsung Bioepisanti-angiogenic treatment colorectal cancerMore info
encorafenibBraftovi®Pierre Fabretargeted therapy colorectal cancerMore info
irinotecanCamptosar®Pfizerchemotherapy colorectal cancer
capecitabineCapecitabine AccordAccord Healthcarechemotherapy gastric cancer, colorectal cancerMore info
capecitabineCapecitabine MedacMedacchemotherapy gastric cancer, colorectal cancerMore info
capecitabineCapecitabine SandozSandozchemotherapy gastric cancer, colorectal cancer
capecitabineCapecitabine TevaTevachemotherapy gastric cancer, colorectal cancerMore info
ramucirumabCyramza®Eli Lillyanti-angiogenic treatment oesophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancerMore info
docetaxelDocetaxel SandozSandozchemotherapy gastric cancer
docetaxelDocetaxel TevaTevachemotherapy gastric cancerMore info
docetaxelDocetaxel ZentivaZentivachemotherapy gastric cancerMore info
capecitabineEcansya®Krkachemotherapy gastric cancer, colorectal cancerMore info
oxaliplatinEloxatin®Sanofi-Aventischemotherapy colorectal cancerMore info
bevacizumabEquidacent™Centus Biotherapeuticsanti-angiogenic treatment colorectal cancerMore info
cetuximabErbitux®Mercktargeted therapy colorectal cancerMore info
gemcitabineGemzarEli Lillychemotherapy pancreas cancer
imatinibGlivec®Novartisprotein kinase inhibitor rare cancer (GIST)More info
trastuzumabHerceptin®Rochetargeted therapy gastric cancerMore info
trastuzumabHerzuma™Celltrion Healthcaretargeted therapy gastric cancerMore info
trastuzumabKanjinty™Amgen & Allergantargeted therapy gastric cancerMore info
pembrolizumabKeytruda®Merckimmunotherapy colorectal cancer, rare cancerMore info
lenvatinibLenvima®Eisaiprotein kinase inhibitor liver cancerMore info
bevacizumabLextemy™Viatrisanti-angiogenic treatment colorectal cancer
trifluridine & tipiracilLonsurf®Servierchemotherapy gastric cancer, colorectal cancerMore info
olaparibLynparza®AstraZenecatargeted therapy pancreas cancerMore info
bevacizumabMvasi™Amgen & Allergananti-angiogenic treatment colorectal cancerMore info
sorafenibNexavar®Bayerprotein kinase inhibitor liver cancerMore info
trastuzumabOgivri™Mylantargeted therapy gastric cancerMore info
bevacizumabOnbevzi™Samsung Bioepisanti-angiogenic treatment colorectal cancerMore info
irinotecan hydrochloride trihydrate (liposome)Onivyde® pegylated liposomalServierchemotherapy pancreas cancerMore info
trastuzumabOntruzant™Samsung Bioepistargeted therapy gastric cancerMore info
nivolumabOpdivo®Bristol-Myers Squibbimmunotherapy oesophageal cancer, colorectal cancerMore info
bevacizumabOyavas™STADAanti-angiogenic treatment colorectal cancerMore info
pemigatinibPemazyre®Incyte Biosciencesprotein kinase inhibitor rare cancer (cholangiocarcinoma)More info
regorafenibStivarga®Bayerprotein kinase inhibitor colorectal cancer, liver cancer, rare cancer (GIST)More info
regorafenibSutent®Pfizerprotein kinase inhibitor pancreas cancer, rare cancer (GIST)More info
erlotinibTarceva®Rochetargeted therapy pancreas cancerMore info
docetaxelTaxotere®Sanofichemotherapy gastric cancerMore info
atezolizumabTecentriq®Rocheimmunotherapy liver cancerMore info
tegafur, gimeracil & oteracilTeysuno™Nordic Groupchemotherapy gastric cancerMore info
trastuzumabTrazimera™Pfizertargeted therapy gastric cancerMore info
panitumumabVectibix®Amgentargeted therapy colorectal cancerMore info
larotrectinibVitrakvi®Bayertargeted therapy oesophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, rare cancer (cholangiocarcinoma)More info
capecitabineXeloda®Rochechemotherapy gastric cancer, colorectal cancerMore info
IpilimumabYervoy®Bristol-Myers Squibbimmunotherapy colorectal cancer
afliberceptZaltrap®Sanofi-Aventisanti-angiogenic treatment colorectal cancerMore info
trastuzumabZercepac™Accord Healthcaretargeted therapy gastric cancerMore info
bevacizumabZirabev™Pfizeranti-angiogenic treatment colorectal cancerMore info

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