You’re Young, But It Might Be Cancer

Stories from 16 young adults with Colorectal Cancer

A book that sheds light on the alarming spread of early-onset colorectal cancer (eo-CRC) among individuals under the age of 50. At Digestive Cancers Europe (DiCE), our commitment to spreading information about eo-CRC and its prevention has driven us to work intensively on this topic for the past few years.

16 Stories of Courage and Resilience

In this compelling book, we have collected 16 heartfelt stories of young people affected by colorectal cancer. For many of them, the diagnosis came as a shock, as they had never heard of this cancer before due to their young age. Instead, this disease disrupts their lives during what is typically considered the most active and dynamic period of life — building a family, raising children, and pursuing their dreams.

The stories unfold across six chapters, reflecting a different part of the patient’s journey. Starting from the unexpected diagnosis and its profound impact on a young individual’s life, the book explores the physical and mental consequences of treatment and how it affects daily life. The young protagonists also share invaluable advice they wish they had received and are now sharing with the public to help those facing similar situations.

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    The Power of Resilience and Support

    The book’s last chapter reflects on life before and after the disease. The young protagonists, hailing from nine different European countries, lead diverse lives but show us the power of courage and resilience. They exemplify how the support of loved ones is crucial in facing colorectal cancer with determination.

    To hear from these incredible individuals firsthand, we invite you to watch a short video where they share their reasons for participating in this project and the messages they hope to convey.

    Altruism in Action

    It is essential to highlight that this book’s heroes have selflessly shared their stories to support DiCE in our mission of raising awareness about the global phenomenon of the decreasing age of patients affected by digestive tumours. Their altruism is a beacon of hope and inspiration for others on similar journeys.

    Support Early Detection, Enhance Quality of Life

    At DiCE, we firmly believe that supporting early detection is essential for better outcomes and improving the quality of life for every patient. By reading “You’re Young, But It Might Be Cancer,” you will gain valuable insights and perspectives from these brave survivors and contribute to DiCE’s efforts in raising awareness and empowering patients and their families.

    Join us in the fight against early-onset colorectal cancer. Together, we can make a difference.

    Explore the book now and be inspired by stories of resilience, hope, and the strength of the human spirit.

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