Act4Biosimilars: The Action Plan and Deep Dive Report for Europe are Now Live!

November 20, 2023

Act4Biosimilars is a global initiative that aims to increase patient access to biologics by facilitating greater Approvability, Accessibility, Acceptability and Affordability (the 4As) of biosimilars.

Earlier this year, the Act4Biosimilars initiative launched the Act4Biosimilars Action Plan alongside the first in a series of Deep Dive Reports focused on the Americas, which brings into focus the challenges hindering biosimilar adoption across the region. Most recently, the second Deep Dive Report, which puts a spotlight on biosimilar uptake in Europe, was launched on 16 November 2023.

The Action Plan features 12 key initiatives that offer the biggest opportunities to accelerate biosimilar adoption across the 4As, and provides actionable steps designed to help local stakeholders foster a more favourable environment for biosimilars in their country and ultimately drive global adoption.

Progress is being tracked via the Act4Biosimilars Impact Index, which assesses 30 initiative-tracked countries and the favorability of the local environment towards biosimilars under each of the 4As. The Index will be updated every two years to ensure local stakeholders are kept up to date on the most critical issues preventing biosimilar adoption and how change is supporting better adoption country by country.

As a next step, the Steering Committee is working with local stakeholders across the Americas and Europe to implement the Action Plan and identify and address the key challenges holding back wider biosimilar adoption across both regions. This will be followed by a series of regional rollouts with the Middle East & Africa in Q1 2024 and Asia Pacific in Q2 2024.

If you’re passionate about expanding patient access to life-enhancing biologic treatments, make sure to follow Act4Biosimilars on LinkedIn and Twitter or visit the Act4Biosimilars website to learn and download the Action Plan if you’re ready to make a change!

Ruel Jacob

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