DiCE CEO Speaks at Event Marking 15 Years of First Biosimilar Approval in Europe

February 21, 2022
DiCE CEO Speaks at Event Marking 15 Years of First Biosimilar Approval in Europe

DiCE CEO, Zorana Maravic presented the view of the digestive cancer patient community at the February event “15 Years of Biosimilars: Improving Equitable Access to Essential and Affordable Biologic Medicines in Europe”. The celebratory event was hosted by the Biosimilar Medicines Group, a Medicines for Europe sector group, and Sandoz, a Novartis division.

At the event Zorana Maravic emphasized the:

  • Value biosimilar medicines could have in improving patient care
  • Problem of unequal access to biologic therapies, including biosimilar medicines, across Europe, with many lower- income countries having the poorest access
  • Need to work on bridging this gap, by working toward smarter use of all treatment options, reducing shortages and waiting time

DiCE has been active in this area since 2019 as the organisation sees biosimilars as playing an important role for improving patient access to biologic medicines and as being advantageous for healthcare systems as they contribute to sustainable healthcare financing and affordable healthcare provision.

In September 2021, DiCE launched its Call to Action on Improving the Use of Biosimilar Medicines in Colorectal Cancer through Adopting EU Policies. Here we call on the European Commission to:

  • Support transparent and tangible benefit-sharing practices across Europe
  • Build a dedicated Europe-wide online resource centre to support the exchange of best practices on biosimilar savings reinvestment
  • Set up a dedicated Europe-wide online resource centre for HCPs and patients

And on the EU Member States to:

  • Adjust national policies to ensure that biosimilar-related savings are reinvested locally in a tangible and transparent way
  • Encourage all stakeholders to support patient organisations in raising overall awareness about biosimilars.

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Catie Young

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