Launching the Gastric Cancer Project Promotion: A Step Forward in Patient Care

June 18, 2024

April 24, 2024 — The Recover with Us Association is thrilled to announce the launch of the Gastric Cancer Project Promotion, made possible by the generous support from DiCE’s Operational Grants 2024. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the association’s commitment to providing current, comprehensive, and accessible resources to gastric cancer patients and their families in Hungary.

Empowering Patients with Knowledge

In the first phase, the Hungarian edition of the ESMO Gastric Cancer Patient Guide is proudly presented. This guide is a vital resource, offering up-to-date information on modern treatment practices for gastric cancer, from diagnosis to advanced therapies. The aim is to demystify medical jargon, facilitate doctor-patient communication, and empower patients and their families with knowledge at every step of their journey.

Three thousand copies of this essential guide have been printed and distributed across Hungary. This effort ensures that critical information reaches those in need, providing them with the resources to make informed decisions about their health care.

Connecting Through Education

Complementing the printed guide, the Recover with Us Association also hosted an online patient forum featuring a comprehensive review lecture on gastric cancer by Dr. Regő Szöllősi, an esteemed oncologist from the Oncology Centre of Dél-pesti Centrumkórház. The lecture covered the spectrum of gastric cancer, including its types, stages, treatment options for early, locally advanced, and metastatic stages, and the significance of surgery, rarely used radiotherapy, and oncological pharmacotherapy in treatment. Special attention was given to chemotherapies, targeted cancer treatments, and immunotherapies, highlighting their potential benefits and limitations. This forum provided valuable insights into the disease, empowering patients and families with knowledge about available treatment options and lifestyle changes that can improve prognosis and quality of life.

Acknowledging Support

The online and printed versions of the ESMO Gastric Cancer Patient Guide proudly display DiCE’s logo, recognising DiCE as a supporting organisation. This partnership underscores the commitment to enhancing patient care through education and support.

For those interested in exploring the guide and the recorded online patient forum, please visit the website here and the ESMO guide here.

Looking Ahead

The Recover with Us Association thanks all its supporters and partners, especially DiCE, for making this project possible. The association hopes for and anticipates this project’s positive impact on the lives of those affected by gastric cancer. The association remains committed to the mission and looks forward to future successes and continued partnership.

Ruel Jacob

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