March 22 is Lynch Syndrome Awareness Day

March 18, 2022

March 22 is Lynch Syndrome Awareness Day. Lynch Syndrome is the most common inherited cancer syndrome in the world, with an estimation of 1 in 370 people carrying the genetic mutation.1 Lynch Syndrome is associated with a higher-than-normal chance of developing certain types of cancer before the age of 50, including colorectal, endometrial, stomach, pancreatic, prostate, ovarian, urinary tract, liver, kidney, bone, brain, and skin cancers.

However, this syndrome remains largely unknown and underdiagnosed. To change this, DiCE worked with the Belgian Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Association (FAPA) to create a simple guide on understanding Lynch Syndrome and the risk it carries for individuals and families. If you feel you may be at risk for Lynch Syndrome, talk to your doctor.

Lynch Syndrome Guide

DiCE will continue to advocate and support the efforts of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan to identify gaps in research and innovation, and in the mapping of all known biological anomalies leading to cancer susceptibility, including hereditary cancers through the Commission’s Partnership on Personalized Medicine to be set up for 2023 (Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan).


1. Hampel, H. & de la Chapelle, A. How do we approach the goal of identifying everybody with Lynch Syndrome? Fam. Cancer 12, 313–317 (2013).

Natasha Muench

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