Member A.R.CA.D Launches Calls for Pancreatic Cancer Projects in France

July 13, 2022
Member A.R.CA.D Launches Calls for Pancreatic Cancer Projects in France cover

Following a series of regional round-tables to gain better understanding of the departmental and regional differences of treating pancreatic patients in France, our Member A.R.CA.D has launched a call for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Raising or Experimental Projects in the country that they will fully fund.

“Pancreatic cancer treatment is a concrete and striking example of territorial health inequalities in France, like many other countries worldwide,” explains Dr. Lama Sharara, Director General and Chief Executive Officer of A.R.CA.D. “An analysis of data at the regional level shows strong inequalities between pancreatic cancer patients from one region to another, and even from one department to another, in terms of access to health professionals and experts, in terms of diagnosis and care. These regional disparities create an inequality of opportunity in terms of care and survival between citizens. We have launched this call for projects to try and help address this.”

A.R.CA.D Initiatives Leading Up to the Fully Funded Calls

In 2016, the A.R.CA.D Foundation initiated a project to raise awareness on pancreatic cancer, the fourth most deadly cancer in France and yet still too neglected by public policies. The epidemiological data are hardly reassuring and the number of pancreatic cancers is constantly increasing. Late detection and limited treatment possibilities cost the lives of the majority of patients.

Based on these observations, the Foundation decided to continue and expand its pancreatic cancer awareness programme by organising a series of regional round tables, spread throughout France between the end of 2019 and 2022, in order to gather the opinions, experiences and recommendations of all the participants in the patient care chain, as well as the testimonies and expectations of the patients themselves.

After the roundtables held in Lyon in 2017 and Marseille in 2018, in Poitiers, Rouen and Strasbourg in 2019, in Lille in 2020, two other roundtables were organised in Toulouse and Clermont-Ferrand in 2022.

Roundtables Result in Regional Pancreatic Cancer Care Inventory

These roundtables allowed the organisation to draw up an inventory of the situation in the various regions (poor, moderately or well endowed), with regard to the structuring of the care offer and patient care. Breaking points have been identified and avenues for improvement have been proposed in each region.

The reports of all the roundtables organised by the foundation between 2017 and 2022 will be published on the foundation’s website, thus providing an overview of pancreatic cancer care at the national level.

The Launch of a Nationwide Call for Projects Aimed at Fighting Pancreatic Cancer

The A.R.CA.D. Foundation has decided not only to make regional diagnosis of pancreatic cancer care a focal point for improvement, but also to implement the areas of betterment that have been identified in these assessments. Therefore, in April 2022, A.R.CA.D launched a regional call for projects which it will fully finance, with the aim of supporting one or two awareness-raising or experimental projects on the care pathway for pancreatic cancer at local and/or regional level.

The projects presented must allow to federate and coordinate all the actors involved in the care pathway, to explore, experiment or consolidate new ways of raising awareness, and to improve and/or change the management practices of pancreatic cancer patients.

Would you like to know more about A.R.CA.D and the calls? Please visit their website or contact us.

Catie Young

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