Two New Projects Implemented for CRC patients in Israel

October 22, 2022


Tzav Meni’a, our Associate Member, based in Israel, has recently implemented two new projects – A mentorship programme to support patients and carers and the production of an educational video.

New video “pathologic testing of the tumours”

Tzav Meni’a, the non-profit organisation of Colorectal cancer in Israel, has produced and uploaded a new educational video!

The video details the specific pathologic testing of the tumour (MMR and Molecular profiling), both from medical and administrative aspects. Those in Israel diagnosed with colorectal cancer are entitled to these tests if they meet specific criteria.

In the video, an oncologist and a pathologist expert explain the importance of the tests and their relevant criteria.

The video will help patients and caregivers understand their rights to these tests and their possible implications.

MSD financed the production.

Together along the road

A new program, “Together along the road”, has begun! Ten colorectal cancer patients and caregivers were trained as ‘Mentors’ and now voluntarily keep in touch with newly diagnosed patients and caregivers.

The volunteers meet every two months to discuss their feelings and dilemmas that may have arisen during their meetings with the patients and delicate subjects like the end of life.

This unique contact between people dealing with similar issues at different points means a lot to both sides. The veterans feel that their challenging experiences along the ‘patients’ journey’ now have more meaning, and the newly diagnosed feel supported and not alone. They have someone to talk to who has been in their shoes. Even with the most supportive environment of loving family and friends, this kind of connection is priceless.

As the program continues, our Associate Member, based in Israel, hopes many patients and caregivers find it helpful and meaningful.

Are you interested in learning more about these activities and would like to receive more information? If so, please contact Dr Shlomo Lewkowicz, D.Sc. directly or visit their page. And they will be delighted to share their experience with all interested members.

Ruel Jacob

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