Eva's story

November 18, 2021
Eva Backman

Eva's story

Also the fact that I fairly soon realized that the doctors can only do so much, I needed to be as fit as possible that’s the part I could do – physically and mentally…

Eva shares her experiences with pancreatic cancer and the importance of staying physically fit throughout the process – from diagnosis through to treatment and recovery.


I knew I had to change my mindset when my oncologist gave me a death sentence Pancreatic Cancer diagnose  – I decided then and there to make it a life- sentence – I decided go positive – Focusing on the one digit survival numbers – and be one of them.

I knew I wanted and needed to be in the moment – carpe diem -for changing the narrative. And all negatives – things – people – were burdens  I needed to shed – I could not carry blind cargo that drained my energy. I

My pathway to life was the awareness that I needed to take control and focus on what I could control – mind, soul and body – (mens sana in corpore sano) to be fit and strong to wage a war against the cancer.

As an almost 7-year Pancreatic Cancer survivor, I want to help reshape the future -I want to be a good example and give hope to those fighting this poor-survival cancer diagnosis. I will continue to share my story and keep working towards a future where Pancreatic Cancer is a chronic cancer that can be easily treated with innovative therapies.

To those fighting the good fight, focus on your wellness and fitness so you have the strength to wage war and fight for your life!




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